Year 6 Leavers Assembly Cordwalles 2017


Head teacher, Claire -Louise West with jubilant 6th year leavers and their Rotary Dictionaries.

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Newly installed President, Brian Summers of
Camberley Rotary Club, presented fifty 6th year pupils of
Cordwalles School Camberley with Usborne dictionaries.


The fully illustrated dictionaries from Rotary have
become an integral part of this annual celebration that
marks a poignant milestone in the youngsters' lives.


The children will moving on to the next chapter of their education,
mostly in local secondary schools.
This year many of the youngsters invited their schools chums and
schoolteachers to sign the dictionaries as they intend to keep them
as memento of the occasion.


Sarah Nottrodt, Exec Deputy Head leaving a personal messages
in leavers' dictionaries. 


Right - Sam Alley-Mohindra 6th Year leader and colleague Josh
Bennett receive parting gifts from the year 6 cohort.


Rotarians Keith Hudson and Brian Summers share a joke with Head
teacher Claire-Louise West (Charles Barbor on camera).

Changing times for  Cordwalles School.

Camberley Rotary has been involved with Cordwalles School for a number of years. So the visiting Rotarians might have been expecting to experience deja vu but the school is radically changing as it moves into the Academy arena along with a recently appointed new head teacher, it is all change !

There is a palpable air of confidence and optimism about the school, which is most refreshing.

Cordwalles is now a GLF Academy school. GLF is a Multi Academy Trust (MAT) comprising 21 schools and 8000 pupils across 5 counties.

Within the Multi Academy Trust, Cordwalles is Federated with Pine Ridge and Lorraine schools, its two most local primary schools. Which means that they can share all types of resources and develop a seamless approach to delivering the curriculum across the age ranges, whilst retaining clear school identities.

Cordwalles has also established a close working partnership with Collingwood College, and this extends to the Colleges’ teachers working at Cordwalles to help prepare the 6th form pupils for their step into secondary education.

OFSTED success

This year the school is celebrating an excellent OFSTED report and it's improved performance across so many areas means OFSTED have taken it out of special measures.

The school takes children from 7 though to 11 years of age. Most of its intake come from the surrounding Old Dean Estate and its two infant schools Pine Ridge and Lorraine. The school also welcomes children from Army families and travellers; the numbers vary considerably each year.

Early Starts

Term time, Cordwalles swings into action at 8am, when the doors open for the very well subscribed Breakfast club

With a large, well stocked library, science room, music /drama and art studios, learning support rooms and learning bays the school has excellent amenities. The school's large assembly hall includes an impressive stage, complete with lighting and sound system.

Outside, Cordwalles has four playground areas, a large playing field with long jump and high jump pits, a sensory garden, pond/environmental area and allotment.

The school has two mini buses which are regularly used for trips and sporting fixtures.